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Glimmerglass Festival
Electrics Intern - Summer 2019

Season: The internship began in mid May. For the first month and a half, the electrics crew loaded in, focused, and teched the four main stage shows. The following eight weeks consisted of running the four main stage shows in rep, which included doing nightly changeovers and refocusing each morning. There were also several second stage shows and concerts happening at the same time.

   Production Electrician: Josh Taylor

   AME: Bryan Wheat, Jake Roberts

   Lighting Director: Laura Bickford


   - Prepping, Hanging, Focusing, and Maintaining the lighting rig throughout the summer. 

   - Completing changeovers each night

   - Running a follow spot for Showboat and Blue

   - Running console

   - Building various practicals (including the Ghost of Versailles Sconces detailed below)

PC: Karli Cadel


Blue - World Premiere - Spotlight Operator      Director: Tazewell Thompson

                                                                                                                  LD: Robert Wierzel


Showboat - Spotlight Operator                                          Director: Francesca Zambello                                                                                                                                   LD: Mark McCullough

The Ghost of Versailles - Sconce Construction

Director: Jay Lesenger                                                                                        LD: Robert Wierzel


The Ghost of Versailles Sconces: There were 16 sconces total on the two   walls (pictured above), each scone had three candles   with six LED diodes , three warm and three cool).  Each candle had to   be soldered to CAT 6 cable with an RJ45 connector on the end. I spent   about 20 hours total soldering these sconces.

Time Lapse of me and a few other members of the Electrics Team striking our booms at the end of the summer. 

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