HLB Lighting: Denver

Design Assistant

Since June 2020, I have worked as a Design Intern in HLB's Denver office, full time til August and part time September-Present. I have greatly enjoyed working with the Denver team to complete tasks and meet deadlines, and I have learned a great deal along the way. I worked on a variety of projects, in many different phases. A majority of my time is spent doing calculations in AGi, or documenting fixtures. This internship has allowed me to develop my skills as a designer and to learn several new pieces of software including: AGi, Revit and InDesign. 


   - Document fixture layouts in Revit and AutoCAD

   - Run calculations in AGi

   - Update fixture schedules

   - Create Lighting Approach Presentations

   - Calculate LPD

   - Assist in researching fixtures 

   - Create Cutsheet packages

An AGi Render of a Large Feature Fixture made of undulating acrylic tubes with lamps randomly scattered in a few tubes. The goal was the create a fixture that looked like a rain cloud. I spent lots of time in AGi modeling this fixture: playing with the undulation of the tubes themselves, as well as adjusting the layout of the lamps to get an effect that we liked. I spend lots of time in AGi, and working on this fixture was a fun challenge for me, and the renderings turned out great!