The Good Trouble Project

Lighting Designer - Fall 2020

Director: Tori Wiggins

SM: Nia Burns

ALD: Kate Ingram

ME: Tayler Durantini

This show was written by six of the Acting Students at CCM, with the guidance of Tori Wiggins. These short pieces all centered around the theme of Black Lives Matter. It was an honor to get to work on this project. All of these pieces were thought provoking and powerful and I am disappointed that we never got to perform these pieces as they were orginially intended: on a stage in front of a live audience.

Due to COVID, this piece ended up being filmed in a couple ways. Some pieces were filmed on the set, on stage, with some lighting and support from other tech areas. Flight of a New Bird was filmed this way (Pictured at Right). Other pieces were filmed outside or in a green screen room.

I worked to create lighting concepts that honored each piece, and then, with the help of my assistant, I worked to  createa plot and paperwork for the show. We aimed to use as few fixtures as possible as we knew our crew would be small, and we wanted to encourage social distancing at all times (this ended up not being an issue as we never load the show in). But I also wanted the plot to be versatile enough to allow for some discover and flexibility in the space.  


Channel Hook Up and Instrument Schedule


Magic Sheet