Associate LD/Project Manager

Group 5: Chris Lipstreu, Tayler Durantini, Vishal Sharma,

                 Aaron Palmer, Monica Walker

This group project is in conjunction with the Lighting Technology Class that Lighting Students take in their sophomore or junior year. Groups consisting of Lighting, TD and Sound students work together to make a 10-15 presentation with Moving Lights, Video, Music, and Automation.

My group's piece was about the evolution of music, beginning in the 1960s and going up to the present. Our concept was that regardless of what the style of music is or what decade we are in, music is something that brings us all together; it is an essential part of the human experience.

I collaborated with the other students in my group to come up with the concept, design the video and lighting, and I even did a bit of programming. With six people designing one project, it can be easy to get stuck trying to make everyone happy. I recognized the need for someone in our group to act as a project manager and keep an eye on the bigger picture, and I naturally fell into that role.  I set deadlines for us, made benchmarks, documented our cues, and ultimately helped keep us moving forward.

Programmed on GrandMA2 & Command Wing

Gear: SolaFrame 2000s, ColorChorus 72s, Arena PARs, Astera PARs, Elation Dartz, Clay Packy Mythos, Aleda B-Eyes, VL2600, VL3500


Favorite Video clips: 2:20-4:15 & 11:00- 13:10